Another activity becomes licensed

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev extended the list of licensed business to 59. In his decree of July 11 of this year, non-government plant sanitation services, including the manufacture, importation, sale and storage of plant protection products and items are included in the list of licensed agrochemical activities.

According to the document, the license will be issued by the Ministry of Agriculture. The cost of licenses is from 2,000 to 200 manat. Those who have a separate license for the manufacture, import or sale of plant protection products and agrochemical items are exempt from the additional licenses for their storage.

Note that in September 2002 the government reduced the list of licensed types of economic activities and enterprises from 240 to 30. While the Presidential Council acted entrepreneurs, which included prominent members of the business. Gradually the list of activities which require special permission was extended.

According to the survey before the International Finance Corporation, the entrepreneurs say the licensing business activity, the government artificially limits competition. Many entrepreneurs do not hide the fact that in addition to the state fee, they demand a bribe, the amount of which exceeds by many times the amount of state duty. - 08D-

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