Consulting company solve the problem residents "Soviet" for profit

Des Consulting Company held on July 15 a press conference in which it was stated the intention to solve the problem of resettlement of many inhabitants of the old quarters of Baku, known as the "Soviet," in a simple way - the creation of housing co-operative. However, from the idea ​​which is represented as a "social project", the company expects a good reward.

President of Des Consulting Asef Haji-Ismailov said that the project means the construction of a 16-storey building on Ganja Avenue in Baku. The 9-block building is to settle 810 families. “According to calculations, a square meter of apartment "under the lighthouse" will be offered at 380 manat. Meanwhile tenants have the right to buy an apartment area twice the one in which they previously lived,” he said.

According to the idea, members of the cooperative will pay 100 percent of the equity. After the formation of at least 80% of the mutual fund the selected construction company (Hayat Inshaat) will start construction work. The building will be commissioned in 18 months.

At the press conference, it was found that the company does not intend to purchase land for the construction of the building. It is calculated that Baku Executive Power with the assistance of President Ilham Aliyev will give the necessary land area with the right of long-term use. For this an appeal will be sent to the President. The appeal requests the President to lobby for this project in the state structures, in order to avoid a rise in price.

During the event, it turned out that the company Des Consulting is counting on the entire first floor of the 19-storey building. As you can see, the idea is worth good money. - 08C-

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