AZAL Suffers Heavy Losses

In 2012, the transport of passengers by air transport suffered a loss of 33.2 million manats. And this was despite the increase in passenger traffic (+14.3%) and revenue (+24.1%).

Airlines in Azerbaijan, as opposed to foreign, do not publish financial reports and the media do not provide financial figures. The only source of information is the only State Committee on Statistics, which provides summary data on income and expenditure on passenger transport by air transport. In the State Statistics Committee they told Turan that in 2012 the income of the three airlines (Azerbaijan Airlines, Turan Air and Silk Way Business Aviation) amounted to 225.6 million manat. The costs for companies on the transport of passengers amounted to 258.8 million manat, increasing by 5.7%.

In 2012, Azerbaijan Airlines achieved a record number of passengers during the independence -1.6 million. The share of state-run AZAL accounted for 98.5% of traffic and possible loss. - 08B-


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