Azerbaijan - the champion of simulation parameters

Azerbaijan ranked 38th place among 148 countries in the annual ranking of competitiveness compiled by the World Economic Forum (WEF). Rather, it is lagging behind, because last year it was 39th in the list of 148 countries. The country is the champion of the official (imitation) inflation rate and 70th in terms of GDP.

On the level of institutional development of our country in the 60th position, infrastructure development has given 70th place. Even worse is the case with health care and primary education – 104th place and in higher education there is the 90th position.

The only consolation - macroeconomic stability against the background of high oil prices and the 9th place, while in other positions there is a failure. Development of Financial Markets - 89th position, goods market efficiency - 72, the efficiency of the labor market - 33, technological readiness - 56, the market volume - 72, thrust of the country to innovation - 59, helping business - 80.

Auditing standards were at the 95th place, protection of minority shareholders - 88, protecting investors - 22, the protection of intellectual property - 80, the efficiency of the legal system in the regulation of disputes - 60, the effectiveness of the board of directors of companies - 82.

Transparency of public policy was on the 48th line and the wastefulness of government spending was at the 52nd place. On the quality of infrastructure Azerbaijan occupies 47th place, the quality of roads - 69th, the quality of railway infrastructure - 37th, the quality of air transport infrastructure - 44th, the quality of port infrastructure - 63rd and the level of maintenance of the population of mobile phones – 79th place.

In the ranking of the effectiveness of tax Azerbaijan took the 82nd place, the effectiveness of antitrust laws – 130th place in the number of procedures to register a business – 10th place and on the time for business registration – 36th.

The leader is Switzerland for the past six years, the second is Singapore, and the third is the United States. The top ten are Finland, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, the UK and Sweden. --17D-

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