Final Report of Ministry of Finance on Execution of State Budget - 2015

The Ministry of Finance of Azerbaijan has published the final report ( on the execution of the state budget for 2015.

According to official data, the country's GDP even against two-time devaluation of the manat decreased by 4.5 billion in comparison with the indicators of 2014, reaching 54.4 billion AZN with an average price of Azeri oil at $ 53.7 per barrel.

Industry accounted for 18.4 billion (33.9% of GDP), the service sector, including social programs - 39.4%, the construction, including the state capital investments - 12.1%, VAT - 8.3%, agriculture, forestry and fishery - 6.2%.

In 2015, the income of citizens (41.7 billion manats) per capita totaled AZN 4,380.1, 72.1% of which was directed to the final consumption, 15.9% - to the growth of savings and capital, 9.1% - to the payment of taxes and compulsory social insurance contributions, and 2.9% - to the payment of interest on loans. --17D-

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