Mobile Marketing for Insurance Agents AXA MBASK

Insurance company AXA MBASK, which has the most extensive network of independent agents, continues to invest in these investments.

According to Turan in the financial structure, taking into account the need for an individual approach and attention to each client, AXA MBASK has launched its agents for the new resource AXA Messenger.

AXA Messenger is digital campaign management module (Digital Campaign Management), developed by AXA MBASK based Phoenix (total insurance program used by the company). It allows an agent, regardless of the company, and send their clients on their own behalf, both individual and group Email and SMS-distributions with marketing messages.

Email and SMS - messages from the insurance agents will quickly and in time to inform the customer about important events. Thus, the agent can send out a reminder of the date of the insurance payment on the term of completion or renewal insurance contract, the decision of the insurance payment, etc., in its sole discretion.

In addition, the agent has the ability to communicate via alerts own special offers, promotions or new services, or to provide another important customer information on the activities of the insurance company. Of course, the notification can be used for greeting the customer with personal and public holidays.

Commenting on the event, the First Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of AXA MBASK Selcuk Adygozel noted that AXA Messenger will help our managers to easily and efficiently manage their business, which will undoubtedly have a positive impact on their productivity and efficiency.

"Our management agency network, directs all of its resources to meet the needs of its agents. Our goal is to reduce the time they spend on internal operational issues, in order to have more time on sales. Constantly striving to improve the quality of service, we are actively using the latest information technology. Such projects improve the quality of services and promote a relationship of trust with customers. And, in practice, they are very effective," said S. Adygozel.

Focusing on continuous improvement of the quality of insurance services, AXA MBASK actively encourages the development of a wide agency network. The company in a short time has established an extensive network of agents not only in the capital but also in other regions of Azerbaijan. Today it is the largest in the country, with more than 80 agencies, thereby providing comprehensive coverage and availability of insurance services to potential customers. - 17D-


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