On the account of "Pasha Sigorta" 14 % of all insurance premiums in Azerbaijan

BAKU/17.10.13/TURAN : Published results of Azerbaijani insurers .

According to the State Insurance Supervision Service of the Ministry of Finance , in January -September, the insurance company of Azerbaijan raised 303 million 383.12 thousand manats , up 47.05 million or 18.36 % more than the result of nine months of last year , when it was accumulated premiums 256.33 million manat . The growth was due to the corporate and compulsory insurance. "Classic " voluntary insurance is poorly developed .

Is the team leader of the notorious "Pasha Sigorta", which has accumulated to October 1 482,24 42 million manats , which is about 6.29 million more than last year's results and 14% of all premiums collected by 28 participants in the market . It is worth noting that the share of this structure increased over the month by 2 % due to the relative backwardness of competitors. A subsidiary of the leader - "Pasha hayat Sigorta", outstripping the two other members of the life insurance , has collected 24.3 million manat , ranking fifth among all insurers .

Thanks to the presidential decree on the development of compulsory insurance of emergency workers and Border Protection 's state-owned "AzerSigorta" firmly straddled bronze niche with a view to step up , and on account of its 30.81 million manat (about 4 million increase for the month) .

Peculiar to her second place almost six months lagged behind the company holds at the head of Emergency "AzSigorta", the last few years, " usurped " the position. Following six months she has collected 32.11 million manat no intention to catch up to the leader.

At this rate of bureaucratic competition and by the relative backwardness in comparison with the previous year ( 26.11 vs. 26.72 million manat) forever bronze team "Ateshgah" dropped to 4th place . The former leader of the life insurance "Ateshgah Hayat Sigorta" behind a business partner with 19.35 million

At the bottom of the top ten teams is also a small rotation (see table). Remarkable rise "Ipek yolu Sigorta" a few lines up.

The leader in payments and is the company "Pasha Sigorta". During the reporting period (January -September) is compensated by insurance claims 19.99 million manat. In the " payments" which accounts for 22.58 % of the total figure. As premium costs it expanded mainly through voluntary health insurance corporate clients (mostly state-owned oil company).

In general, companies from January to the end of September was paid 88.53 million that almost 21 bn more than in the same period last year ( 67.65 million )-17D-


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