Past reforms again

The following year, again the most expensive in the state budget will be the scope of investment projects. According to the forecast of the Ministry of Finance of Azerbaijan (, if the predictions of the cost of these items for the year шы equal to 6 billion 282 million AZN, then the next year, this figure will be in the range of 6 billion 951,600,000 manat (33% of expenditure).

According to experts of Turan, if we add to this factor the traditionally high level of transfers from the State Oil Fund of 10 billion 388 million manat or 53.44% of the total 19 billion 438 million manat revenue side, it can be concluded that the government will stick to the old approach to the exclusive control of the economy without the introduction of significant reforms. The real economy will once again be on the margins of political power plans, and any increases in pensions or public sector wages will be fraught with a splash of food inflation. --17D-

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