SOCAR transferred over $1.4 billion to state budget of Azerbaijan

From January to July 2014 State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) increased assignments to the budget by 21.5% against the same period last year up to 1,117 billion AZN ($1.42 billion), reported SOCAR.

In 2013 SOCAR transferred to the state budget 1.57 billion AZN, up 149.51 million AZN (10.48%) against 2012.

From January to July 2014 SOCAR transferred 83.5 million AZN to the State Social Security Fund.

The assignments to the Social Security Fund in 2013 totaled 162.91 million AZN, up 2.98% against 2012.

* SOCAR includes 22 production companies, plants, departments and other structures.—0—


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