The government forecasts growth of investment in fixed assets

It is assumed that the total investment in fixed assets in the next year will amount to 19.8 billion manat (+ 4.7% in the forecasts for this year).

As stated in the official presentation of the budget drawn up by the Ministry of Finance, the total investment in the non-oil sector in the next year will be 14 billion manat, and in the oil sector it will be 5.8 billion manat. This year, according to government forecasts, investment in the oil sector will amount to 5.7 billion AZN and in the non-oil - 13.1 billion manat.

In 2015 the total volume of the share of domestic investment will be 72.8%, and that of foreign investment will be 27.2%. Public investment in the country's economy will make 11.1 billion manat and non-public investment will make 8.7 billion manat. --17D-

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