Ruben Melikyan

Ruben Melikyan

Baku/23.03.21/Turan: After the defeat in the war with Azerbaijan, the discontent of the citizens of Armenia against everything related to Karabakh is growing every day. In Armenia, they say that over six thousand young Armenians have died because of the Karabakh policy of Yerevan. It comes to a kind of "racism".

Some people in the streets of Yerevan allow themselves to manifest hatred towards the Karabakh Armenians. Former human rights defender in Karabakh Ruben Melikyan announced this live on his Facebook page. 

He presented a case when two Armenian women used a taxi-service. When one of the women spoke in the Karabakh dialect, the taxi driver stopped the car and, roughly speaking, dropped them out of the car. –0--


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