A new opposition group - the Free Democratic Party

On Sunday, the founding congress of the Party of Free Democrats (PFD) was conducted. Sulhaddin Akbar was elected the chairman.

The organizing committee for the creation of PFD was created in December 2013 on the basis of the party Open Society, whose leader was the ex-parliament speaker Rasul Guliyev living in exile in the U.S.

After the presidential elections Guliyev blamed the National Council of Democratic Forces "for failing to ensure the victory of the opposition". He also blamed the leaders of the main opposition parties, the Popular Front and the Musavat.

Guliyev actually decided to withdraw from the political arena. At the same time the leadership of the party Open Society headed by the chairman Sulhaddin Akbar started to create a new party Free Democrats.

According to Akbar, "the ideological foundations of the party are based on the values ​​of liberal democracy."

PFD aims to build a liberal state, a free, just society and to ensure the welfare of citizens.

PFD has positioned itself as a moderate center-right opposition party.

In foreign policy PFD is in favor of closer integration with the EU and NATO.

The party is ready to close cooperation with ideological organizations and to engage in broader coalitions projecting from the general democratic and national interests.

Akbar participated in the national democratic movement in the late 1980s - early 1990s. He was elected to the Supreme Council of Azerbaijan. In the Popular Front government in the years 1992-1993 he served as Deputy Minister of National Security. Further, he continued his political activities in the opposition Musavat party. In 2010 Akbar left the Musavat.

In 2012, Akbar was elected chairman of the party Open Society.

Akbar is also engaged in social activities and supervises NGOs involved in the promotion of Azerbaijan Euro-Atlantic cooperation. -0 -


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