Ali Kerimli: Over the last period, the number of political prisoners increased by 5 people

As a result of "care" of the head of state, in recent months the number of political prisoners has increased by 5 people. About it on his Facebook page writes PFPA Chairman Ali Kerimli.

They are the civil rights activist Bashir Suleymanli, the journalist Rauf Mirkadyrov, the lawyer Aliabbas Rustamov, the human rights defender Emil Mammadov, and the young activist Orkhan Eyubzadeh.

Official Baku denies the existence of political prisoners in Azerbaijan. However, international organizations have paid much attention to this issue. PACE appointed a rapporteur on political prisoners. Local human rights activists have compiled a list of political prisoners, according to which they are 130 people. Another human rights group claims that the list includes 81 people.

Amnesty International recognized 30 prisoners of conscience in Azerbaijan. -03B04-

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