Amnesty International recognized the brothers Kerimli "prisoners of conscience"

Amnesty International has recognized members of the party Musavat Faraj and Siraj Kerimovs arrested on charges of selling drugs prisoners of conscience.

In a statement, the organization said that the two brothers were tortured to extract confessions from them.

The lawyer was allowed to Faraj Kerimli only on August 2 - 10 days after his arrest. He reported that he was beaten by the police with a view to giving a confession. He was also threatened that in case of failure, the problem will be with his parents and they will be planted weapons.

The statement indicated Kerimli was arrested on charges of drug sale, but the police claimed information on his activities on Facebook.

F.Kerimli’s brother S.Kerimli was arrested 6 days before.

Amnesty International pointed out that in Azerbaijan there is a common practice to arrest activists on charges of drug possession.

Amnesty International calls for the immediate release of the two brothers, to ensure their safety and conduct impartial investigation. -16D06-

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