European Court to review the case of Ilgar Mamedov out of turn

On 9 April, the European Court of Human Rights began to communicate in the case of  the arrest of Ilgar Mamedov, the leader of Real Movement. According to  the lawyer, Fuad Agayev, the European Court  has sent to the Azerbaijani government  a number of issues related to this case. The authorities have  to send the answers  to Strasbourg before June 18. 

The complaint was filed in February  due to  numerous and serious violations of Ilgar Mamedov’s rights  by the Prosecutor's Office, Investigation Department, Ministry of Interior, and local courts.

The complaint alleges a violation of  the following Articles: 5 (right to liberty), 6 (2) (presumption of innocence), 13 (right to an effective remedy), 14 (prohibition of discrimination), and 18 (limits on use of restrictions on rights) of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, Agayev said.

 The  government accused Ilgar Mamedov  of the  organizing the unrest in the city of Ismailli on January 23-24. However, the absurdity of the charges was so obvious that the Secretary General of the Council of Europe twice personally called  the lawyers of  Ilgar Mamedov, and was  interest in the  course of investigation. He also will made a separate statement demanding the immediate release of  Mamedov. -02D-


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