Baku / 29.05.20 / Turan: Azerbaijan will restore territorial integrity and the Karabakh problem should be finally resolved, President Ilham Aliyev said at a meeting with a group of internally displaced persons on May 28.

He expressed confidence that this is exactly what will happen and all immigrants will return to their native places.

“It is sometimes said that some immigrants may not return after the liberation of our land from occupation, but I’m sure that all immigrants will return,” he said.

"Our military power, economic advantage, the position of the international community and the support of the leading countries of the world will play a major role in the liberation of our lands."

“Today, the force factor comes to the fore; even states with great democratic traditions, ignoring international law, ensure their interests at the expense of force,” Aliyev noted.

 Today, a phased solution is being discussed at the negotiating table, although the Armenian leadership is trying to deny this by deceiving its people.

“A phased solution is the only possible one. At the first stage, part of the land should be freed. Our goal is to ensure full sovereignty. It’s just necessary to correctly assess the time and geopolitical situation to resolve the issues,” Aliyev said.

After the liberation of the occupied territories, all settlements will be restored. In the meantime, the government is solving the social problems of internally displaced people by building residential settlements for them. In 2019, about 5 thousand houses and apartments were built for IDPs. In 2020, 7-8 thousand IDP families will receive apartments. 40 thousand people in Baku, Sumgait and other cities will be resettled in new homes, the head of state said.    -02D-


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