Musavat on the results of the initial investigation of the “migrant case”

Baku / 22.11.19 / Turan: A criminal case against eight Azerbaijanis in the Koblenz court of Germany was launched following a complaint by Azerbaijani citizen Rashad Mammadov. This is stated in the message of the Musavat party.

The initial investigation revealed that, following the complaint of Mammadov, Mehdi Khalilbeyli was arrested, with Mammadov as the driver. 

Khalilbeyli is an ordinary member of the Musavat European Coordination Center registered in Germany.

The head of the Leqat Integration Center, Alovsat Aliyev, was also arrested.

Reports of the detention of another seven Azerbaijani citizens have been refuted.

They did not find their confirmation of the message that the criminal case was connected with the Musavat ETC and the Musavat party.

Allegations that last week the deportation of 61 Azerbaijani citizens was connected with this criminal case were denied by the prosecutor of the Koblenz regional court, Torsten Kahl.

According to recent reports, the complainant Rashad Mammadov received a negative response from the German migration service and a criminal case was launched against him.

After the arrest, Mammadov went to cooperate with the police in order to achieve mitigation of his punishment.

This person has previously participated in the campaign of denigrating the Musavat party and the Musavat JCC.

His brother, Azer Mammadov, participated in denigrating the organization of political emigrants “AND” (Democracy in the name of Azerbaijan), close to the Popular Front Party and opposed human rights activists and journalists in political emigration.

There is evidence that Rashad and Azer Mammadov in the past served in the police of Azerbaijan, and there are suggestions that they now work for special services for provocations against the opposition.

For a long time, the Investigation Department for Grave Crimes of the General Prosecutor’s Office of Azerbaijan has been investigating the case of “trafficking in migrants” and “false documents”.

As part of this case, the former and current heads of Musavat, Isa Gambar and Arif Hajili, the head of the party’s apparatus Gulaga Aslanli, the Popular Front Party leader Ali Kerimli, his deputy Gezal Bayramli, were questioned. However, the investigation was unable to provide any serious evidence.

In August 2019, during a special operation in Baku, a criminal group that produced fake documents for migrants was exposed.

According to Real TV, this group issued fake documents on behalf of the judiciary, the Main Police Department of Baku, the Popular Front Party, Musavat and other structures.

Musavat does not exclude that this criminal network could have continued abroad. The party is interested in an objective investigation of this case and has also created a special commission, and calls on all who have the facts to submit them to this commission or law enforcement agencies.

Musavat calls for an end to political speculation around this case.

If the investigation of the German police reveals the fact of unlawful activity of the Musavat member, he will be held personally liable and adequate measures will be taken on the party line, the report said. –06B--


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