Açiq məmbələrdən

Açiq məmbələrdən

Baku / 01.05.20 / Turan: The National Council of Democratic Forces sharply condemned the authorities for torture of the Popular Front Party activist Niyameddin Ahmedov, demanding an end to this.

The National Council said in a statement that law enforcement authorities committed another crime on April 28 by severely torturing Niyamaddin Ahmedov, an activist of the Popular Front Party and bodyguard of the Popular Front Party leader Ali Karimli, who had served 30 days of administrative arrest.

In a pre-trial detention center in Binagadi, where he was serving his arrest, he was taken to another place in the middle of the night and tortured for 12 hours. Ahmedov was returned to the pre-trial detention center and placed in solitary confinement to hide traces of torture and prevent information leakage. However, the activist managed to convey information about the brutal torture to family members.

According to family members, Ahmedov was beaten intermittently for 12 hours, humiliated in every way. He was required to make slanderous statements against Ali Karimli. Ahmedov refused, despite brutal torture.

"This incident is the result of appeals by Ilham Aliyev made on March 19 and April 14, when he called the Azerbaijani opposition "enemies, traitors, and the fifth column," demanding the same from his entourage.

The crime against Niyamaddin Ahmedov should be condemned as a violation of the justice system and the unlawful abduction of a person under administrative detention.

This criminal fact also indicates that the Azerbaijani government is preparing for a new wave of repression and slander against the Popular Front Party and personally Ali Karimli.

The National Democratic Council calls on the authorities to put an end to the shameful practice of torture in the 21st century, as well as the policy of pressure and persecution of their political rivals and critics.

Such a policy leads to the destruction of stability and civil unrest,” the statement said.  -02D-


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