President of Azerbaijan Takes Suicide of Schoolgirl under Control

Baku / 11.04.19 / Turan: "The suicide of the 8th grade student at the 162nd secondary school in Baku is under the control of the country's President and First Vice-President. The Ministry of Education, the State Committee for Family Affairs, Women and Children, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs are entrusted with conducting a serious investigation of this case," said the head of the State Committee for Family, Women and Children Hijran Huseynova. "Whoever is guilty in this case, he will be punished," she noted.

Recall that a pupil of the 8th grade of secondary school Elina Hajiyeva rushed from the 3rd floor of the school on 4 April. Two days later she died at the Clinical Medical Center.

Baku Prosecutor"s Office opened a criminal case under Article 125 of the Criminal Code (bringing to suicide).

This incident caused a real storm with social networks. Hundreds of people joined the action to protect the rights of children. -03B-

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Zəlzələ kimi ölkə gündəminə düşən hadisələr; Prezident seçkisi, hərbçilərin azad olunması. – Anar Məmmədli Çətin sualda

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