The head of the administration of the city of Ismayilli arrested

Baku/27.04.20/Turan: A representative of the head of the Executive Power of the Ismayilli region in the city of Ismayilli Maharram Ahmedov was detained today on suspicion of receiving a bribe and committing other illegal actions, according to the joint statement issued by the State Security Service and the Prosecutor General of Azerbaijan on April 27.

As a result of the operational-search measures by the State Security Service and the Prosecutor General of Azerbaijan, based on the information about Ahmedov’s illegal actions, that he illegally granted individuals and legal entities permits in the special quarantine regime for a fee, as well as appropriated food packages allocated by the state for poor families.

During the inspection of Ahmedov’s place of work and his house in the village of Midjan, were found bankcards in the name of different people. It was found that Ahmedov formally employed his relatives and received bankcards from which in 2016-2020 illegally cashed 12,400 manat. In addition, cash, illegal certificates of employment in the name of various people, food packages allocated for poor families and other important documents were discovered. A lawsuit has been filed In fact in the General Directorate for Combating Corruption under the Prosecutor General under the Article 311.1 (taking a bribe) of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan, Ahmedov was detained as a suspect. Operational and investigative measures for a comprehensive investigation of the revealed facts. The State Security Service and the Prosecutor General's Office urge citizens who have suffered from illegal actions to report this to the “161” hotline. - 06D-


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