Media Review for April 28, 2020

The fight against the Corona Virus pandemic, the situation in the country's banking sector, and the matter of attracting tutors to paying taxes are the topics of today's media.

The newspaper Azerbaijan writes about the relaxation of the restrictions introduced in connection with the pandemic since April 27. Among the mitigating measures is the extension of the term for leaving home from two to three hours a day.

 In the coming days, a mechanism for the development and activity of tourism will be prepared and submitted to the relevant structures.

 At the same time, the fight against violators of the quarantine regime will continue. Since April 1, 41,404 people have been prosecuted. If necessary, the quarantine mode will be strengthened.

The Bizimyolinfo website discusses the situation in the banking sector. The situation in 4 banks, Atabank, AGBank, NBCBank and AmrahBank, is difficult. Since April 27, management of these banks has been transferred to the Central Bank, the interim administrator. However, this does not mean the banks will be closed, but indicates the presence of problems in these banks that will be studied, and by which an appropriate decision will be made.

 In world practice, banks are usually provided assistance; the Central Bank must issue loans to them. If the bank does not have sufficient collateral to repay the loan, then it is declared bankrupt.

For example, Atabank has such a problem, and here the situation is clear. The other three banks have a slightly different situation.

The website also discusses the situation with banks, noting that before the end of the year, the process of closing banks will continue. The situation with four banks is regarded by experts as preparation for their liquidation.

Thus, the total number of closed banks may reach 17. Experts note that deposits in the amount of 812.5 million manat remain in these banks. The interim administrator appointed by the Central Bank will check the situation and then appoint a liquidation commission. The banks may be liquidated or merged with another bank.

The Mə website discusses the topic of tutoring, which can be done on the condition that there will be no more than 10 students. True, the parents are worried, because infection can occur between ten students. Not all teachers will comply with hygiene and sanitary standards.

At the same time, teachers cannot conduct tutoring activities under quarantine if they do not have registration on the portal.


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