The information on TV channels prevails in favor of the authorities - the Institute for Democratic Initiatives

Baku/24.01.20/Turan: The Institute for Democratic Initiatives (IDI) published a report on the results of media monitoring at the first stage of the February 9 parliamentary election campaign.

The report reflects monitoring from December 11, 2019 to January 16, 2020 (before the start of the election campaign). The objects of research were AzTV, ITV and Real TV, the state-run news agency Azərtac (, the official newspaper Azerbaijan, news agencies Report, Turan, the online edition of Meydan TV, the website of the opposition newspaper Azadlig.

On TV channels, monitoring covered “prime-time” (from 19.00 to 23.00) for 4 hours daily for 37 days. Absolute prevalence of information in favor of the authorities, lack of materials criticizing the government and positive information about the opposition were revealed.

It also revealed a lack of compliance with such universal principles of media as objectivity, impartiality, impartiality, pluralism.

Monitoring found that television channels are far from the functions that broadcasters perform in a democratic society.

Among the resources that comply with the ethical principles of the media, Turan and Meydan.TV are named. The state-owned media, the Azerbaijan newspaper and the Azertac agency, published a large number of materials in favor of the authorities, however, there were few publications against the opposition.

Full report. — 06D-


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