Nabi Avcı

Nabi Avcı


Turan: How would you characterize the ongoing period of the struggle of Turkey against regional and international terrorism?

Avci: Today, on the initiative of the TGNA, we are discussing ways of regional cooperation in the fight against terrorism. One of the main features of this meeting is that representatives of nations and peoples take part in it. Therefore, there are deputies of different political views. And from this point of view, this is a very important forum. In plenary and subsequent sessions, it was clear that many of the issues are common. That is, everyone agrees with what exactly is the problem. It is very important.

However, it is even more significant that there is unanimity regarding the solution of these problems. Representatives from China, Russia, Afghanistan and Pakistan complain that Western countries do not perceive terrorism properly. The idea that Europe and the United States are not cooperating with countries in the other hemisphere is dominant.

One of the main platforms for communication and solving the issue under discussion is the UN. Unfortunately, however, the United Nations, with its current structure, is not in a position to deal with either one or the other.

So the fidelity of the expression "Peace is greater than 5" of our esteemed President, which he voices on all platforms, especially at the UN General Assembly, is also confirmed by the local speeches. As you know, I am the chairman of the OSCE group in parliament. On April 10-12, 2020, we will hold a very important meeting of the OSCE in Turkey. There is such a "Silk Road Support Group" created in the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly on the initiative of your compatriot Azay Guliyev. The last meeting of this group took place in Switzerland, the 4th meeting will be held in April in Istanbul. Here we will also discuss both our joint project "Middle Corridor" with Azerbaijan and issues of closer cooperation between the countries within the framework of the "Great Silk Road". I take this opportunity to announce this through you, for which I thank you!

Turan: Thank you! As Minister of National Education, you have done a lot to close FETÖ schools abroad. I remember that even in one conversation you said that tomorrow you will go to Baku with the respected President to solve the problem fundamentally. As an ex-minister, can you track processes in this area?

Avci: We in Turkey have finally resolved this issue. As you know, an Education Fund was created and these schools, located in many countries of Africa and Asia, were transferred to the Fund. However, some countries still do not understand how dangerous the .FETÖ organization would be and would become. Inshallah, they will also take the necessary steps related to this even before any incidents.

Turan: The late professor Nevzat Yalchyntash, being the chairman of the Turkish parliamentary group in the OSCE, always kept on the agenda the problem of the occupied territories of Azerbaijan and Karabakh. We are sure that in this aspect you will continue this line. What would you like to say?

Avci: In all international organizations, including the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, we raise the Karabakh problem. And at the OSCE PA meeting in Morocco 15 days ago, our debate with the representatives of Armenia and Greece was so violent that we were unable to discuss the main agenda items. This is our duty! And we, with the same determination as before, will continue our activities in this area.

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