Azerbaijan strengthens measures against the Middle East crown virus

The Ministry of Health is  taking measures to  prevent  coming  of the  Middle East respiratory corona virus to Azerbaijan.  No facts of infection with this virus have been recorded,  according to  Musa Jahanov, the Head of the Laboratory of Ministry of Health Anti-Plague Station.

According to him, border checkpoints carry out a medical examination of all arrivals. "With the help of  thermo-visors are  identified persons with fever. Such persons are placed in the Institute of Lung Diseases, said Jahanov.

Currently corona virus  is spread in the neighboring Turkey and Iran,  and can easily get in Azerbaijan. This virus was recorded in 2012 in Saudi Arabia,  it spreads mainly by droplets.

The disease is similar to a pneumonia  with high temperature, cough, shortness of breath.

According Jahanov, compared with Ebola, the mortality rate of the crown virus is not as high. However, there is not a specific treatment.-03B04- 

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