Мехман Гусейнов

Мехман Гусейнов

Baku / 07.08.18 / Turan: The funeral of Firangiz Huseynova, the mother of the imprisoned well-known blogger Mehman Huseynov, was held. He was released from prison for four hours to attend the funeral.

Hundreds of people gathered at the Huseynovs' house in the Garachukhur settlement at the funeral ceremony: relatives, representatives of the journalistic community, civil and political activists, and leaders of opposition parties.

Firangiz Huseynova was buried on the Surakhani cemetery.

Note that on August 6, M. Huseynov was released from the prison for several hours, but was not allowed to spend the night in his father's house together with relatives.

Blogger Mehman Huseynov and his brother, director of the Institute for Freedom and Safety of Reporters (IRFS) said their mother had died in the Oil Workers Hospital under strange circumstances.

After hospitalization in a serious condition on July 15 she was always in intensive care and was connected to artificial support devices.

However, on the eve of her death, she was transferred from the intensive care unit to the intensive cardiology department. On the night of August 6, she passed away.

Despite the grave condition of his mother, the blogger was not allowed to see her.

Mehman Huseynov was convicted on March 3, 2017 on charges of libel based on a lawsuit filed by the chief of the Nasimi district police department. The reason for filing the claim was the blogger's allegations of torture against him at this police station in January 2017.

Amnesty International recognizes the blogger as a "prisoner of conscience". --06C--

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