Dilgam Asgerov pleaded not guilty

Independent Armenian media refute the primary information from the  court trial  in the case of  the two  citizens of Kalbajar region in Karabakh. On Monday, the pro-government Armenian media claimed that Shahbaz Guliyev and Dilgam Asgerov "pleaded" or "partially pleaded guilty" in the murder of the Armenian teenager Tsakanyan and other illegal acts. The Armenian media demonstrated the photo of Dilgam Asgarov, but did not voiced  his words.

On Tuesday, a number of independent sources reported that Dilgam Asgerov also pleaded not guilty not only of murder Smbat Tsakanyan, but  also in crossing the border, but admitted that he took the money  of Tsakanyan.

The Armenian side calls Guliyev and Asgarov saboteurs, who, entering into the territory of Kalbajar, killed two people, and  were engaged in espionage. Azerbaijan considers these two residents of  Kalbajar hostage, and demands the immediate release.

Kalbajar has been under Armenian occupation since April 1993. -02D-

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