Life Insurance Committee Created under Azerbaijan Insurers Association

The Azerbaijan Insurers Association (AIA) has created a special committee on life insurance in connection with the growth of premiums in this segment. There are 3 companies specializing in life insurance - PashaHayatSigorta, AteshgahHayatSigorta and QalaHayatSigorta.

"Each company will be represented in the Committee by two representatives. As the head of the structure the deputy chairman of PashaHayatSigorta, Niyaz Ismayilov has been appointed," the press release reads. The first committee meeting will be held this week, which will discuss the situation in the market of life insurance and its development prospects.

AIA was founded in December 2006. The main purpose of the Association is to ensure the development of the insurance market of Azerbaijan, as well as the performance of the insurance companies unanimously in the discussion of the problems and prospects of the insurance market. --17D-

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