SSPF Added about 14 Million Manat

State Social Protection Fund (SSPF) in January-September had a budget surplus of 13.7 million or 0.64% of the Fund's income.

According to the report, the income by October 1 totaled 2 billion 152.2 million manat (+ 8.8% per year). Most came from income from compulsory social insurance - 1 billion 243.5 million manat (+ 11%), of which 810.6 million manat or 65.2% was the share of the private sector (+ 14.2%) .

Fund expenses by 1 October were at the level of 2 billion 138.5 million manat, of which 98.1% financed the pensions and benefits.

Milli Majlis and the President approved a non-deficit budget this year at 2 billion 928,452,000 manat. --17D-

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