Father of a convicted NIDA activist died

On the night of October 14, died Ibrahim Novruzlu - the father of Shahin Novruzlu , the convicted NIDA  youth activist. According to family members, cause of death was a heart attack.

"He wasto be operated  on his heart. However, investigators seized during a search all of our money. Due to lack of funds, Ibrahim could not undergo surgery," said the brother of the deceased.

The authorities have not released Shahin Novruzlu to attend the funeral of his father. The Prison Service claims that the family did not give such  an appeal.

The family members said that the appropriate appealis being  prepared by lawyers.

Novruzlu Shahin was arrested in March 2013, and later was sentenced to  six years in prison along with seven other members of the NIDA Movement.

During detention Novruzlu in his apartment, investigators seized 94,000manat in  cash, and did not return it to the family.  On July 8 Shahin Novruzlu appealed to Ilham Aliyev with request  to pardon him.-03B-

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