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On Friday the Forum Intellectuals of Azerbaijan held discussion of corruption in the country, which took place in the Landmark Center with the participation of scientific and creative intellectuals.

The economist Gubad Ibadoglu presented a report covering the corrupt elements of the Azerbaijani economy, ranging from the formation and execution of  state budget, foreign trade and monopolies in the market of goods.

A largest  share of the state budget, 46% or 8 billion manta, have been  allocated for the purchase of various licenses and projects, not directly related to the production of goods.

In the foreign trade of about 10 billion manat for five years has been hidden from the tax, which led to losses in the form of non-payment of more than 3 billion manta taxes.

Monopoly of oligarchs increase prices  considerably.  Thus, one kilo of  oranges  is declared to customs at a price of 44 gepik, and taking into account the tax, it rises  to 60 gepik,  and is sold at the market  at  2.2 manat. The price of potatoes rises  from  six to 53 gepik, fish from 31  gepik to  five manat, etc.

The data presented by Ibadoglu spurred the debates, which gave various reasons for this phenomenon in Azerbaijan, and ways to eradicate it. According to Professor Jamil Hasanli, corruption is a product of an authoritarian system, which is based on the suppression of individual freedom, rather than historical mentality of its people and culture, as some try to present. "Pay attention to the North and South Korea, where the people are the same, but  they  think  and live differently and in the material and moral sense,"  he said.

This idea was supported by the ex-deputy Gultakin Hajiyeva, who demonstrated on the example of Georgia, as Saakashvili's political will has led to a dramatic reduction of corruption, and now Georgia is not among the most corrupt countries in the world.

In 2011, Azerbaijan these figures deteriorated  in terms of corruption in the public sector from 1.9 points in 2008 to 2.4 points, according to Transparency International, and ranks 143rd among  184 countries.

According to a survey of the international agency Gallup, the majority of the population of Azerbaijan, 65%, believes that corruption in the country's business environment is widespread.

Corruption pervades all spheres of society and state, the writer Akram Aylisli said. According to him, it is rooted so much that has replaced the contents of laws and regulations that shape public opinion, stable social psychology. But the most tragic thing is that people justify the bribery by desire to secure normal living.

The essence of the speeches has been reduced to enhancing the role of public institutions in the enlightening people about the threat, which has corruption and establish a system of blaming this phenomenon. As a result of discussions, it was  decided to make a special anti-corruption appeal on behalf of the Forum  of Intellectuals.-0-




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