Geneva opposes the construction of the Armenian memorial in front of the UN

The government of Geneva stands for "absolute international neutrality" - that is how the city government's  motivates negative attitude to the construction of  Armenian  memorial in the park Ariana. "The government does not want to see Geneva's monument in memory of the Armenian Genocide in the park Ariana, a few steps from the Palais des Nations,"  said the newspaper Le Temps.

"Thus, the Armenian community of Switzerland waits for a cold shower on Thursday at a meeting of the Council of State, headed by François Lonsham.

"In principle, we are not against the establishment of such a monument, bearing in mind that our Swiss and Geneva MPs have recognized the Armenian genocide. We are concerned that the selected location does not ensure compliance with the neutrality, as is in close proximity to the Palace of Nations,"  said Loshman in his interview with the newspaper. -02D-

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