Georgians catch three tons of heroin that came from Azerbaijan

Georgian Interior Ministry prevented the attempt of the international drug trafficking; 2,790 pounds of "liquid heroin" were  found  during  a search  in the truck  from Azerbaijan to Turkey via Georgia. During the search were seized  ninety-three  30-pound barrels of heroin,  two citizens of Georgia were arrested,  according to the press center of the Interior Ministry  on July 11.

"Withdrawal of such amount of drug  is  unprecedented case  for Georgia. According to preliminary data  of the expert Criminal Service, the  seized narcotic substance contains 80% pure heroin, the market value of which amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars,"  said the Interior Ministry.

According to experts, the liquid heroin is a drug liquid  the composition of which was invented several years ago by the Afghan drug producers, and was called the "Tears of Allah." Formula of  liquid heroin was created to facilitate the smuggling of heroin and disguise it under a different kind of technical or foodstuffs.

It is noteworthy that the goods were in dozens of 20-liter plastic cans and was not hidden. How  could goods proceed smoothly from Azerbaijan and not be arrested? The MIA , MNS,  Customs and Border Service of Azerbaijan should answer this question.  

According to experts, it is impossible smuggle this  volume  of  drugs not having very high patron. The question is who is behind this whole operation, and who covered it in Azerbaijan? The answer to this question is much more interesting and more important than the cost of withdrawn drugs . -02D-

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