Health Ministry remembers about Ebola

Directorate of the Ministry of Health, health facilities, hygiene and epidemiology centers of cities and regions of the country are given special assignments in order to prevent the penetration of Ebola virus to  the territory of Azerbaijan.

The chief sanitary doctor of Azerbaijan Abbas Velibekov signed a decree on strengthening preventive and anti-epidemic measures to prevent the penetration of the virus into the country, it was reported on the website of Ministry of Health of Azerbaijan. What exactly  measures  are taken is  not reported.

Ebola outbreak began in February in West Africa. Its victims, mostly residents are four West African countries - Liberia, Guinea, Nigeria and Sierra Leone.

 There is not specific treatment for Ebola, or an effective vaccine against it. The death toll from the Ebola in Western Africa  is up to 1069 people, and infected - 1975 people. -16D-

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