Journalist Aynur Elgyunesh Reported Threats Made by Editor of Another Media

Cooperating with the Internet resource Meydan TV journalist Aynur Elgyunesh told about death threats to her. On her Facebook page, she wrote that on October 4 in the afternoon she üas telephoned by a complainant, saying that he was blackmailed by Azerbaijan Information Agency (

"The complainant claimed that he had been called by a woman named Elnara, saying that he should bring money to Jannat Jannatov (editor), or compromising reports of him will be distributed. The complainant gave me a number to call Jannat,” writes Elgyunesh.

To find out, the journalist phoned this number and introduced.

"The answering man asked where I work, and then hung up. Five minutes later he called back and began to insult me, cursing Isa Gambar, Meydan TV and the opposition. He further said that his agency is subordinated to the Press Council," continues Elgyunesh.

However, the head of the Press Council Aflatun Amashov on Elgyunesh inquiry said he had not heard of such a body of media. He promised to look at the return to Baku on 10 October.

Another member of the Press Council Mushfig Aleskerli noted that reference in the title of a media to the Azerbaijan state is illegal. Aleskerli recommended Elgyunesh write to the Press Council.

Meanwhile, calls to Elgyunesh continued. "After the 10th call I answered. The caller insulted and threatened, I recorded his voice, and then blocked the number, but he called to the other number. Last time he said that my life is in his hands, and in conclusion said that because of me he is too nervous and he has hit his car and I have to pay the costs," writes Elgyunesh.

The journalist lodged a complaint with the service 102 of the Ministry of Interior, and on October 5 she officially submitted a written statement to the police.

According to the journalist, she preserved records of the talk with threats and intends to publish them, except the swearing.

The lawyer of the journalist Elchin Sadigov told Turan these threats are very real. "We appeal to the General Prosecutor's Office. This man's name is known. If we did not publish this, the threat could be realized. There are signs of crime, "obstruction of professional journalism and a threat of murder," said the lawyer.

On Turan’s request the Azerbaijani Inrformation Agency accused Elgyunesh of provocation and slander, promising to issue a statement on the matter. However, it has not appeared.

The press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that the journalist’s complaint will be investigated. -16B06-

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