People give an assessment of elections in social networks

Almost all-effective campaigning of candidates for deputies on the eve of the early parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan (February 9, 2020) was carried out on social networks, of which Facebook is the most used in the country. In the morning of February 10, users disappointed by the elections exchanged views on social network.

One of the speeches that set the tone was REAL candidate, well-known lawyer Farhad Mehdiyev from television appearances. Readers watch his video, in which the candidate sits on the ballot box, stating at the polling station that he will not give up the ballot box until he receives the counting protocol. With tears in his eyes, Mehdiyev said to the teachers standing behind him, members of the precinct commission, that he was fighting for their rights and well-being. He was struck by the mocking attitude of the teachers towards him.  F. Mehdiyev is not in the original list of election winners from the CEC.

The journalist Aygun Muradhanli, who shares a letter of voters on the network in which they talk about the director of the college Fatma, a bribery selling exams for 300 manats, a diploma for a thousand, did not get on the list of winners. “Yesterday I saw this Fatma, 30 times I saw her leading a carousel of students behind me,” A. Muradhanli writes.

Military expert Uzeyir Jafarov on his Facebook page stated that he did not intend to congratulate the winners well known to him, among whom are Uzeyir’s friends. “I don’t congratulate because the winners know how the elections were discredited by the CEC chairman and his team. The consequences of this will soon be felt. ”Many will answer for this falsification and the money spent in the elections.”

Jafarov draws attention to the fact that the CEC did not announce the winners in seven districts where particularly scandalous violations occurred. In Jafarov’s post, the accusations against teachers, which are especially numerous among members and chairs of election commissions, are now widely spread on the networks.

“These elections split the Azerbaijani society even more. It is a pity. Mazahir Panahov (CEC Chairman - Ed.) HIs team must apologize to the people. These events lead to great social tension,” writes U. Jafarov

It is characteristic that FB users in their posts are not blaming the authorities, but the people who allowed such elections. Rana Khalilova writes, “School teachers took lessons from the magician Igor Kio. They throw into the box whatever they want, and get out what is needed.”

Journalist Naila Balaeva recalls that after the elections that took place in the “zero years,” when the CEC chair announced at the press conference the next “victory of the New Azerbaijan Party,” journalist Rauf Mirgadyrov told her: “the people are not women to enjoy rape. » Unfortunately, a journalist like Rauf Mirkadyrov may also be mistaken,” N. Balaeva noted.

In 2014, Rauf Mirkadyrov was arrested and convicted of espionage in favor of Armenia for 6 years in a maximum-security prison. He was kept in a solitary confinement for 2 months, and then was unexpectedly sent to live in Switzerland.

Why do people allow election fraud? Baku resident Victor Sapunkov reflects in the FB:

- On our site, many citizens were simply indifferent. In addition, they are indifferent because the new candidates are mostly not so famous among ordinary people. I also did not know the candidates for deputies from our site; however, freely owning a computer and the Internet on the website of the “central bank,” I found my site and chose a candidate. However, it is I. What about ordinary citizens who do not own the Internet and a computer? I read that in this situation, the candidates themselves and the citizens are to blame. If Asim Mollazade is re-selected from our site, then I promise that I will demand a lot from him. At the same time, I recall his passivity in our issue of the demolition of our property, which was accompanied by the vilest violation of the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The following forecast from the popular at the FB historian Eldar Ginessli. Placing a photograph of ex-deputy Hadi Rajabli over the post, he wrote:

- Everyone is familiar with this face. Now we can say with confidence that it has become the face of the past, present and at least another 2-3 future compositions of Milli Mejlis. Dear Hada Rajabli, only 73 years old, he is full of strength, energy, fresh ideas and, for sure, he will be able to do much more for the country and the development of parliamentarism in Azerbaijan. His election is an obvious evidence of new trends. Probably, this time he realizes his cherished dream of the need to close social networks in the Azerbaijan Republic, expressed two years ago. —0-


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