Press Review 03/07/14

Official and pro-government newspapers publish the order of Ilham Aliyev on the allocation of 3 million manat for the construction of the road Gusar – Imamgulukend - Chukhuroba and publish changes to some laws of the country.


Azadlig citing informed sources reported that the National Academy of Sciences will fire a number of employees so the staff will be reduced by 2-3 thousand people.

The newspaper continues to discuss the ban of the authorities for the head of Popular Front Party Ali Kerimli to meet with members of the OSCE PA.

The newspaper writes that most of the graduates passed the final exams at the "2" and "3".

The newspaper called the Ministry of Transport ban on entry of vehicles from districts to Baku unjustified. It is done to solve the problem of traffic jams.


Express writes that official Baku was dissatisfied with four points of the Baku Declaration adopted at the session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly.

Over the past 10 years, the Interior Ministry has detained 3,000 criminal groups and more than 37 000 persons who were wanted.



The number of NPLs in Azerbaijan is growing, according to local experts. The share of overdue loans in the total loan portfolio has reached 10%.


Bizim Yol writes about the dissatisfaction of parents whose children attended the Turkish high schools, whose activities have been stopped by the authorities.


Yeni Musavat argues that official Baku has an agreement with Ankara and Tehran that these countries would "take control" of the Azerbaijani opposition.

The founding congress of the party Free Democrats will be held in the auditorium of the party Civil Solidarity on July 6.

Since July 1, taxis, which will serve only women, will act in Baku.

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