NDI office in Baku is officially closed

Today, the office of the  U.S. National Democratic Institute in Baku was officially closed, according to informed sources in Washington.  In fact, the  Office  ceased to function in March, after the authorities accused this structure of  financing subversive youth against the government of Azerbaijan.

In particular, the head of the presidential administration, and previously, the  law enforcement agencies have stated that with  money from  the  NDI youth groups prepared in Azerbaijan  the analogue of the  "Arab Spring."  The NDI representative in Baku, Alex Grigorevs, was declared the chief "saboteur", and the government was  so afraid of him,  that  banned his return to Baku and pick up his  personal belongings and dog.

A number of sites working for  the Azerbaijani authorities  "suddenly" got copies of bank documents proving that the representative of NDI debited during the year about 2 million dollars. Those sites who call themselves human rights, argued that money was sent to facebook  revolution in Azerbaijan. Irrefutable "proof", according to the authors of publications,  was that NDI has provided a grant  for the youth organization NIDA, seven members of which were arrested and announced  the organizers of the  failed revolution.

In her interview with  Turan agency,  the NDI regional director for Eurasia, Laura Dzhyuet, in an said that  the NDI activities in Azerbaijan  is completely transparent  and the organization fully complies with local laws.    Therefore, the assumption that the NDI is involved in any other activities is  "completely false," she said.

In turn, President  of the NDI, Kenneth Wollack,  stated that "such articles are a complete fabrication and discredit the professionalism of the authors."

Regarding the funds  allocated to projects in Azerbaijan, they  were spent  on the infrastructure projects, including roads, lighting, utilities, parks, education and ecology.-02В-

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