Press Review 15/08/14

Official newspapers published a decree on the allocation of 5.8 million AZN for the construction of a road in Barda.



American “The Washinqton Post” writes about the persecution in Azerbaijan. The newspaper claims that Ilham Aliyev imitates Putin.

Basel Institute argues that Azerbaijan is among the countries with a high risk for money laundering.

Famous lawyers believe that the arrest of the human rights defender and lawyer Intigam Aliyev is due to the fact that with his help the European Court received 71 complaints from Azerbaijan.

The newspaper writes that the arrest of the former Navy Commander Shahin Sultanov was good for the Chief Military Prosecutor Khanlar Veliyev.

In Yardymly the law enforcers arrested a group involved in drug trafficking. Among the participants is the deputy chief of the district police Vidadi Ahadov.


Express quotes the chairman of the parliamentary committee Ali Huseynov, who accused the human rights defenders of treason and said they must answer for this.

Huseynov said that the West is interested in the Karabakh issue due to its energy interests.


Echo writes that because of the small amount of precipitation in the summer, the harvest will be meager.

Central Bank claims that 92% of all deposits of the country are concentrated in Baku.


Bizim Yol writes that this fall Paris will host a meeting of the Presidents of USA, France, Azerbaijan and Armenia.


Yeni Musavat

27 religious leaders signed a statement on the need to start a war for the liberation of the occupied territories.

An NGO leader Gubad Ibadov believes that the current arrest and criminal charges against a number of NGOs have been planned for a long time.

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