Prosecutor's Office and Police about Resonant Crime in Baku

Baku / 15.10.17 / Turan: On Saturday, an attack was carried out on the former police officer Mushfig Madatov. In the course of the operation to catch the participants of this crime early in the morning on Sunday they provided armed resistance, wounding the deputy head of the Sabail district police. During the operational-search activities, three suspects in these cases were detained.

According to a joint statement by the Baku Prosecutor's Office and the Metropolitan Police, on October 14 at about 7:00 pm in the Tea House at the address of Baku, 16 Sheikh Shamil Street unknown persons committed hooligan actions against Madatov Mushfig Israfil Oglu, grossly violated public order and injured him, hitting him with the handle of a knife.

The Sabail District Prosecutor's Office launched a criminal case under art. 221.2.1 (hooliganism perpetrated by a group of individuals) and 221.3 (hooliganism with the use of weapons or an object used as a weapon).

On October 15, around 04.00, during the operational activities conducted by the Sabail District Police Department to identify the perpetrators of the crime in the Nizami district of Baku, men who were in a Lexus car with a license plate 90-LT-997 opened fire at law enforcement officers. The gunmen escaped in their car. The Nizami District Prosecutor's Office initiated a criminal case under art. 29,120.1 (attempted premeditated murder). The investigation was handed over to the city prosecutor's office. In the course of urgent investigative actions conducted by the employees of the city prosecutor's office and the police, Abbasov Kazym Tapdyg Oglu born in 1992 and previously convicted Ismayilov Muhammad Hasan Oglu born in 1982 and Hasanov Emin Vagif Oglu born in 1976 were suspected of committing the crime.

They were brought to the investigation as suspects of committing crimes provided for by art. 221.2.1, 221.3, 29, 120.2.3 and 315.2 (resistance to a representative of the government with the use of violence dangerous to health) of the Criminal Code. Currently, investigative actions are continuing to establish and bring to the investigation other participants in the crime.

Note that Madatov in the past served in the security service of President Heydar Aliyev. In the mid-1990s. he was arrested and sentenced to long prison terms. Human rights organizations recognized him as a political prisoner. -06D--

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