İkram Rəhimov

İkram Rəhimov

Baku / 01.11.18 / Turan: The Shirvan Court of Appeal upheld the decision to fine Ikram Rahimov 5,000 manat, editor of the website realliq.info, who was arrested last week. According to the court, the lawsuit against Rahimov was filed by Az-Qranata LLC in connection with the publication on the website realliq.info of an article entitled: "Az-Qranata products are dangerous to health." It stated about the poisoning of people who consumed alcoholic beverages produced by "Az-Qranata". Dissatisfied with the article, the management of the company filed a lawsuit against the site, demanding to collect 200,000 manat from it, publish a refutation and apologize. Initially, the Masalli District Court partially granted the claim, obliging the journalist to pay compensation of 5,000 manat, publish a refutation and apologize. The defendant appealed, stating that the publication was based on data from NGOs involved in consumer protection and complaints from specific victims. The Shirvan Court of Appeal examined the case without the participation of Rahimov, upheld the decision of the Masalli court. The lawyer of the journalist Elchin Sadigov said that he would file an appeal to the Supreme Court. Rahimov was arrested on October 26 by officers of the State Security Service. He was charged with extortion. He rejected this and stated that he was being persecuted in connection with his professional activities. -06D--

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