The number of adoptions is growing

Baku/29.03.18/Turan: Number of adoptions in Azerbaijan grows, according to the State Statistics Committee of Azerbaijan. Last year, 877 children were adopted in the country, which is 13.5% more 2016 year. At the same time, the number of adopted boys increased by 15.9%, and the number of girls - by 10.8%. In total, 466 boys and 411 girls aged 1-17 years were adopted in 2017; 420 children under the age of 3 years, 172 children - up to 3-5 years, 167 children - 6-10 years, 118 children - 11-17 years. In 2017, foreigners and stateless persons adopted 28 children in Azerbaijan, including 12 girls. At the same time, the number of court decisions on the abolition of adoptions decreased by 7.9%. In 2017, 58 such judgments were adopted.-06D--

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