IREX refutes biased media

Azerbaijani representation of the American NGO IREX expressed relation to a number of media reports about this structure.

The report IREX confirmed that on July 31, were arrested bank accounts of this organization.

IREX regrets that a number of so-called web resources put a serious problem, spreading lies and slander, and are engaged in blackening the organization that over the past 17 ​​years has provided strong support for the development of education and journalism in Azerbaijan.

The organization also made an indispensable contribution to the expansion of Internet infrastructure in the regions of the country and people's access to the Internet.

The Azerbaijani representation IREX declares that all its activities are carried out and continued under the laws of Azerbaijan, in close coordination and cooperation with the government Commission on international humanitarian assistance.

The main purpose of IREX is to assist talented young people of Azerbaijan in getting a higher education abroad. To date, hundreds of young people have taken advantage of this opportunity to return to Azerbaijan and work in areas ranging from management to production.

IREX Azerbaijan cooperation with public and government agencies is not only at the level of information and coordination, but also at the level of performance.

At various times IREX partners were the Ministry of Communications and High Technology, Ministry of Education, LLC Azerpost, State universities, public television, regional TV channels.

IREX sees Azerbaijan unified and holistic and without discrimination cooperates with both government and NGOs and commercial entities.

IREX-Azerbaijan has always respected the laws of Azerbaijan and conducts its activities in accordance with the law, including ratified July 18, 2000 Azerbaijan-US intergovernmental agreement on cooperation and assistance.

Therefore, all the negative publications about IREX, its directors and employees, distributed in various custom media structures, unfounded, false, bogus and are maligned.

IREX requests media not to duplicate on their pages and screens unreasonable materials prepared in violation of journalistic ethics.

IREX recalls that under the law damage to business reputation implies legal responsibility. -16D-

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