Suffering regarding May 10 begin

Authorities have launched  preparations for the next holiday - May 10, the birthday of Heydar Aliyev timed  to the Day flowers, a holiday devised  by authorities. The essence of the holiday is unclear, and it is only mentioned that Heydar Aliyev was very fond of roses, especially red.

For several years on this day huge amounts of money are spent on  the  purchase from abroad tons  of  expensive flowers imported in Baku from around the world. Authorities carefully conceal the cost of these expenses; according to unofficial  information  the talk is about tens of millions of manats.

Apparently, this time the authorities decided to outdo all previous records , and began preparations  a month  before. Thus, the square  in front of  Conservatoire  has been fully enclosed; traditionally the holiday  takes place there.

However , this year the scale of the festival will be extended by the so-called Winter Boulevard, where  began  the construction of similar structures, and  the festival’s territory  will  expand by several times.

At the same time these  preparatory measures cause  problems  the  residents of the adjacent zone and pedestrians: it is impossible to go to the opposite side,  because people have to go round.

Such attitude by the  Mayor Office  and the authorities  to own citizens is no longer news.

The main thing   is to prove to ourselves that we do not have analogues. -02В-  

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