To be, or not to be

We have come to a difficult time, the budget, the pension fund, the unemployment insurance fund, all state-owned companies that are large taxpayers, the police, the military, civil servants, the executive branch, the municipality, in short, everyone needs money. Due to the actuality of our time, the question, which is as good as Hamlet's famous "to be, or not to be" dilemma, is: where to find enough money for everyone to live?

Let's admit that the first thing that comes to mind is the Oil Fund. However, as times go, the money there may soon run out due to addressless and inefficient use of funds collected in the Fund. What about later? Those who ruled the country have never thought about the future. If they had thought about it, instead of working on time, they would not have tried to put the people to sleep day and night with false statistics and tales of reform, instead of working on time.

As a society, they now put us to a long and deep sleep, and then try to keep us in a state of partial consciousness, without fully awakening, between sleep and reality, without keeping our brains fully aware of what is happening. They try to force our brains and slowly explain so that we miss time and opportunity like gold and we are sucked into a whirlpool of ignorance of "decoration outside - cowpat inside" development. Behind this, neither the institutions to govern the country in a civilized manner have been established, nor healthy socio-political relations have been formed.

We are in a situation like this: We return 30 years ago as passengers of the same ship, but with one exception. Thirty years ago, we did not earn much from oil and gas, but we had enough time and pride. Unfortunately, the time has become the fodder for our comfort, and our land is as enslaved as our Karabakh. But all this should not make us pessimistic about the future. At any cost, we must get rid of the "Labors of Sisyphus", take that stone to the top of the mountain and roll it in the opposite direction. To do this, we must start from scratch.

In the new world, it is impossible to achieve this with the old rules. We must change and gain public awareness as a society. Why haven't we been able to gain public awareness so far? Because "WE" does not exist, "WE" does not solve anything or, at best, can affect very little. This situation also allows the government to continue its dominance over society and constantly oppress it. A society that cannot create "WE" does not expect the benefit of the government. The government also does not feel responsible for a non-united society.

In this case, the healthy foundation of society - "WE" does not exist, can not control its own destiny; moreover, it weakens society every day by directing our hatred and animosity towards each other, strikes at the exhausted "body", and becomes each other's victims. For these reasons, the "WE" factor does not appear in society.

The next key question is "what to do?". "WE" must first raise our society and then awaken the brain of our society. We must develop social consciousness. "WE" can play the role of this group on social networks. So far, no social networking project has been able to bring together thinking brains. There were opinions of various centers of political power and lonely independents, but there was no creative-research consultation platform, no format of the public initiative. Today, it is still in the form of an embryo. But this is not enough to change our society. Therefore, we must study the necessary needs of the people and create a common format (occasion) that brings them to the same position in the "WE" format, conveys the views of society as honestly as possible to the government, and forces the government to reckon with "WE" and work effectively. "WE" must be all Azerbaijanis, regardless of nationality, political views, beliefs, social status, gender, and age.

Finally, the last question: Can we create this occasion and fulfill our mission? Society is like a garden: when what is desired is not cultivated, what is not desired grows. Human society is an example of a living organism, if it does not develop, it deteriorates and degrades. Just as the development of an organism depends on the formation of the brain, so the logic of the development of society depends on the sequence of algorithms. Today we need to create that algorithm. In order to set up and operate a development algorithm properly, the brain of society must first work efficiently. This is a process where everyone can contribute.

That is why we decided to unite the most active members who want to be "WE" for the salvation of society in one square. "WE" is a simple and neutral example of unity. The group of "WE" is a group of people who want to own their destiny, their country and its wealth, it is a platform for public initiatives arising from the social order, a tool that creates opportunities for people who think about the future of society. This is our group, not mine and yours. In this group, by mobilizing those who think "WE" and believe in the power of "WE" and, consequently, in their own power; by instilling in them the confidence to change and to implement them; by immediately conveying public dissatisfaction to the relevant authorities, we must continue the public initiatives ("Let's not let the virus in schools", "Let's stop the subway", "Let's apply for lump sum assistance") we have shown so far, achieve public participation and influence in decision-making, and finally force the government to work properly, transparently, accountably, and effectively.

Our intention is an indicator of our goal!

We have decided to unite. What about you? Are you ready to become WE?


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