Which 8 villages of Armenia controlled by Azerbaijan are Pashinyan talking about?

Baku/11.10.23/Turan:   In a recent interview with Public Television, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan raised questions about the return of eight occupied villages to Azerbaijan, specifically seven villages in the Kazakh region and the village of Kyarki in Nakhchivan.

Pashinyan emphasized that if the issue of enclaves is brought up by either Armenia or Azerbaijan, it would lead to numerous complexities and discussions. He highlighted that within Armenia's territory of 29.8 thousand square kilometers, the village of Bashkend is enclosed by Azerbaijan's territory.

"Azerbaijan has brought up the issue of reclaiming eight villages, but we also have concerns about eight villages. In the Tavush region of Azerbaijan, our territories were occupied, including the villages of Berkaber (known as Tatly in Azerbaijan), Aigeovit, Vasashenum, Paravakar, and others. When discussing enclaves, we must consider Artsvashen, which is part of the 29,800 km2 territory of Armenia," Pashinyan stated.

Military expert Uzeyir Jafarov provided commentary on Pashinyan's revelations during the "Difficult Question" program. Jafarov pointed out that the villages mentioned by Pashinyan are located along the provisional state border, and the claim that they are under Azerbaijan's control does not align with the current situation.

"These territories are currently neither under our control nor the Armenians'. It is, so to speak, an unregulated 'gray' zone. These lands were marked as part of the Armenian SSR on some maps, but they are Azerbaijani villages. Until 1988-1989, these areas were inhabited by Azerbaijanis," Jafarov explained.

Regarding the village of Bashkend in the Gedabey district, Jafarov highlighted that it was also illegally transferred to Armenia. He expressed hope that in the future, as border demarcation takes place, the issue of illegally seized and transferred territories to Armenia will be addressed, and these lands will be rightfully returned to Azerbaijan.

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