Dependence on oil adversely affected the foreign trade turnover

For seven months of this year, the volume of foreign trade operations with the participation of government and private companies in Azerbaijan exceeded $ 18.13 billion. This is 9.53% less than at the beginning of August 2013.

According to the State Customs Committee, the trade partners of the country are 137 countries. Exports from oil and petroleum prevail over imports - surplus is at more than $ 8.36 billion. The share of exports accounted for $ 13.25 billion (minus 4.44% against August 1, 2013), indicating the country's dependence on oil.

Foreign economic activity of the country in January-July was attended by 4,676 (3,107 juridical and 1,569 physical) persons. In absolute terms, the largest share in exports for the public sector was $ 12.47 billion, for private entrepreneurs - $ 659,570,000, for individuals - $ 115,650,000.

Imports totaled $ 4.88 billion. The leadership was for private entities - they brought into the country goods worth $ 3.47 billion. The share of the public sector was $ 1.22 billion and the share of individuals was $ 192,160,000.

In January-July, Azerbaijan exported 1,732 types of goods and imported 5,436 types of goods. -17D-

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