Financial indicators of AFB Bank growing due to corporate parties

Due to the corporate parties, the credit portfolio of AFB Bank by October 1 was 216,550,600 manat (+ 23.2% against the beginning of the year).

According to the report of the bank, its assets increased by one-third (33.1%), amounting to 311 987 700 manat. Its liabilities, including long-term ones, on the basis of the 3 quarters, were equal to 244,803,100 manat (+ 35.4%).

The level of deposits was 74,349,000 manat (+ 5.1%), with private contributions of 17 million manat (+ 18.9%).

There was recorded solid increase in the capital – the equity capital amounted to 67,184,550 manat (+ 25.4%), and the authorized capital amounted to 59,710,530 manat (41%).

The activity was not a loss – in the first 9 months of 2014 the net income was 4,764,900 manat.

AFB Bank (formerly Azfinansbank) received a banking license on 28 November 2008. The major shareholder is Gilan Ltd. (99,2%) plus two individuals. --17D-

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