NFES allocate loans in Masalli region

The National Fund for Entrepreneurship Support (NFES) has identified priority areas for lending to businesses in Masalli.

As stated in the Ministry of Economy and Industry, in the subtropical region it is considered appropriate to credit projects implementing environmentally friendly plant products and the creation of meat processing enterprises. Also effective will be greenhouses and livestock farms, enterprises manufacturing plastic doors and windows, and decorative stones.

"Masalli entrepreneurs may apply not only to the authorized credit organizations to fund their projects, but they can also get consultation in the Fund. Moreover, based on the wishes of entrepreneurs NFES can provide a loan of up to 100% of the project," the declaration says.

NFES was established in 1992. Agents of the fund for loans are 46 bank and non-bank credit organizations. In 2013, the Fund disbursed subsidized loans for 275 million manat. In 2014 Fund plans to issue loans of 280 million manat. - 17D-

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