Turkish economy invested about 30 million TL from Azerbaijan YTD

Between January and July this year in Turkey was founded 94 companies with the participation of the Azerbaijani capital. It is reported by the messenger "Turkish Commercial Register."

From the beginning, it was established 26 joint-stock companies with a total capital of 41.6 million Turkish lira (TL), 68 limited liability companies with a total capital of 4.9 million TL. The share of investors from Azerbaijan accounts for 28.8 million TL or 61.8% of the investment.

According to the same source, in 2013 Turkey were established 178 companies with capital of Azerbaijani citizens who have invested in these companies more than 50 million TL (1 AZN = 0.3606 TL).

The public agency registration of commercial entities (Ministry of Taxes) does not publish such details.

Turkish media noted that in May 2013 in this country, there were about 1,200 companies with the Azerbaijani capital.

By early July of this year were registered in Azerbaijan 6870 companies with foreign capital, 33.5% of which are Turkish capital, the committee said.

For seven months of 2014 in the Azerbaijani economy, there was invested the equivalent of Turkish investments in 240,400,000 manat. --08B--

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