Ali Karimli's Bodyguard Arrested Again (updated)

Baku / 29.05.20 / Turan: Today, the Garadagh district court of Baku sentenced the activist of the Popular Front Party (PFPA) Ruslan Amirov to 15 days of administrative arrest. He is found guilty under Art. 510.1 (petty hooliganism) of the Code of Administrative Offenses.

The PFPA is convinced that Amirov was arrested on trumped-up, politically motivated charges for remaining bodyguard of the PFPA leader Ali Karimli.

Amirov was already arrested for 30 days in April on charges of violating the quarantine.

According to PFPA deputy chairman Seymour Hazy, three bodyguards and an assistant to Karimli are currently under arrest. Since the beginning of quarantine, more than 20 PFPA activists have been arrested administratively, and three more have been prosecuted.   -03B06-

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2020 May 28 (Thursday) 18:28:42

Bodyguard of Ali Karimli detained

Baku/28.05.19/Turan: An activist of the Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan (PFPA) Ruslan Amirov, who is a volunteer bodyguard of the organization’s leader Ali Kerimli, was detained.

Amirov was detained on May 28 in the afternoon at the clothing market in the city of Masalli in southern Azerbaijan.

According to the latest data, Amirov was taken to the police department of the village of Gobustan, the Popular Front Party said.

The party believes that Amirov’s detention is part of a campaign of repression against the Popular Front Party.

In April, Amirov was arrested for 30 days.

It has not yet been possible to get comments from the Ministry of Internal Affairs. — 06D-


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